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Name: Hamidreza

Surname: Ayatollahy

Date and Place of Birth: 8th April 1959, Kerman -Iran

Marriage Status:Married, one son and one daughter


BS, Applied Physics (Solid State), Tehran University, Iran, 1985

MA, philosophy, Tehran University, Iran, 1989

Ph.D., philosophy, Vrij Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, 1998

 Islamic studies, Islamic Institutes, Tehran, 1975-1985


Career -now and before


Head of Research Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies, since 2009

Professor of Philosophy Department, Allameh Tabatabaii University;

Head of Iranian Association for Philosophy of Religion since 2010.

Director and Originator of Khwaje Nasir Private Research Institute in Wisdom and Islamic Knowledge, since 2011.

Head of Philosophy Department, Allameh Tabatabaii University, 2002-2006.

Academic Member of Philosophy Department, Allameh Tabatabaii University, since 1994;

Head of the Department of "Philosophy of Religion and Theology", Center for the Study of Religious Thought and Culture, University of Tarbiat Modares, Tehran;

Academic Visitor in Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford, UK; 2008.

Member of "British Society for Philosophy of Religion", Oxford, UK; since 2008.

Member of "Iranian Association for History of Philosophy", Tehran;

Invited Professor in Sharif University and Tehran University (in Iran);

Collaborating Member of “Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies”;

Collaborating Member of “Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought”;

Collaborating Member of “Sadra Islamic Philosophy Research Institute”;

Collaborating Member of "the Center for Medical Ethics, Ministry of Hygiene, Health and Medical Education";

International Member of “C.I.E. (Center for Islam in Europe)”, Gent (Belgium);

Director of “International Association of Mulla Sadra” since 2004;

Director of “Mizan Educational and Research Institute” Tehran, Iran since 1997.


Areas of Teachings and Research Specialization


History of Modern and Contemporary Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Science and Religion, General Logic,

Philosophy of Descartes.